Azara Blog: IWC governments thinking about resolving differences over whaling

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Date published: 2008/06/27

The BBC says:

The annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) has ended with member governments agreeing to try and resolve their differences.

The next year will see intensive dialogue between pro- and anti-whaling countries, and could lead to a package deal next year.

But there is still significant water between the camps on key issues.

The meeting also decided to embark on a research programme into the impact of climate change on whales.
Environmental and animal welfare groups are divided. Some agree with Dr Hogarth's view that it might lead to a fall in the number of whales killed, while others say there should be no compromise, and are angry with anti-whaling governments including the US for pursuing the initiative.

Needless to say some groups will never be happy if any whale is killed. They have a religious objection to whales being killed. (Although many of them probably object to any animal being killed.) But hopefully the semi-sane approach that now seems to be in view will stop the idiotic sparring at IWC meetings (and elsewhere), where both sides in the past have refused to listen to anything the other side has said.

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