Azara Blog: Surprise, Charles hates so-called GM crops

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Date published: 2008/08/13

The BBC says:

Companies developing genetically modified crops risk creating the biggest environmental disaster "of all time", Prince Charles has warned.

GM crops were damaging Earth's soil and were an experiment "gone seriously wrong", he told the Daily Telegraph.

A future reliance on corporations to mass-produce food would drive millions of farmers off their land, he said.

So speaks the "voice of reason". Unfortunately Charles has shown time and again that he lives in the 18th century, when everyone else (pretty much) lives in the 21st. And in the 18th century he would have been railing against steam power. Of course theoretically so-called GM crops could "risk creating the biggest environmental disaster of all time". But theoretically CERN could run an experiment which wipes out the entire universe in a blink of an instance (which many would deem to be an "environmental disaster"). And theoretically so-called organic farming could spell disaster for the world (since zillions of acres of land that could be used for forests, etc., could be converted to food production, since so-called organic farming is very land inefficient). Meanwhile back on Planet Earth, only hysterical academic middle class so-called environmentalists will support Charles in his diatribe.

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