Azara Blog: Some consultancy wants mass migration from the north to the south of England

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Date published: 2008/08/13

The BBC says:

Cities in northern England such as Liverpool, Sunderland and Bradford are "beyond revival" and residents should move south, a think tank has argued.

Policy Exchange said current regeneration policies were "failing" the people they were supposed to help.

A mass migration to London, Cambridge and Oxford would stop them becoming "trapped" in poorer areas, it said.

The think tank is seen as being close to David Cameron but the Tory leader branded its findings "insane".

Another pointless bunch of academic middle class theoreticians (these kinds of consultancies plague the nation). Although there is enough empty land in the London, Cambridge, Oxford triangle to fit zillions of people, and although plenty of people up north would be happy to move south, no doubt most people up north are happy to be there, and most people down south would not want to see an extra few million people on their doorstep. And the Tory Party is the main political party that tries to prevent pretty much any housebuilding in the southern half of England, so it's pretty obvious what Cameron's response was going to be. Mind you, Cameron could well use this report to justify starving cities in the north of England of funds (which he will do in any case, since these cities are not Tory supporting).

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