Azara Blog: Government is going to allow parts of coastline to sink into the sea

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Date published: 2008/08/18

The BBC says:

Some parts of the British coastline are so badly eroded they are not worth protecting from the sea, the new head of the Environment Agency has said.

Lord Smith of Finsbury said work was already under way to identify areas of the east and south coast most at risk.

He told the Independent that the UK faced hard choices over which coasts to defend and which to leave to the sea.

Lord Smith said parts of north-east Norfolk and Suffolk were in the most immediate danger of collapse.
Lord Smith called on the government to assist families whose home will be lost, as ministers would not always be able to rely on insurance companies to cover them.

The key point is whether these families will be given full compensation. The government is basically abandoning them, and as a result, the government should give them full compensation. Needless to say, that is extremely unlikely to happen.

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