Azara Blog: Hanley Grange "eco-town" bites the dust

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Date published: 2008/08/29

The BBC says:

Proposals for an 8,000-home eco-town at a greenfield site in Cambridgeshire have been abandoned after supermarket giant Tesco pulled out.

The controversial development at Hanley Grange, near the A11 and Duxford, was one of 15 carbon neutral towns picked by the government earlier this year.

The scheme's other main landowner, the charity Wellcome Trust, pulled out in July.

Tesco said it had not ruled out future development of the land.

What a surprise, the academic middle class people who run Cambridge and South Cambs have gotten their way. No houses for the peasants in this green and pleasant land. But it's probably better for everyone that this "eco" proposal was shelved. Tesco was making the proposal worse and worse just to "prove" that it was "eco". As far as the academic middle class people who run Britain are concerned, "eco" means one thing and one thing alone: hatred of cars (at least those driven by the peasants). And the number one attraction of the site was its great transport links, in particular its great road links. But Tesco had to keep pretending that this was the worst attraction of the site, and to try and screw the drivers (i.e. people) who would have lived there more and more. Anyway, another bogus "eco" town proposal bites the dust. (And the BBC is unfortunately promulgating government propaganda when they say that these towns are "carbon neutral". They are not even close.)

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