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Date published: 2008/12/07

The BBC says:

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been urged to halt the extradition to the US of computer hacker Gary McKinnon.

Mr McKinnon, from Wood Green, north London, faces up to 70 years in prison if found guilty in the US of breaking into military computers.

Supporters held a vigil and delivered a letter to Downing Street calling for him to be tried in the UK instead.

Campaigners said the fact that Mr McKinnon has Asperger's Syndrome should be taken into account.

What should be taken into account is not McKinnon's alleged Asperger's Syndrome. What should be taken into account is that the law allowing this extradition is just plain dreadful. It was one of the many examples of Tony Blair putting the interests of the frankfully evil and criminal Bush administration in America above the interests of the citizens of Britain. It remains to be seen whether Gordon Brown supports this dreadful law or will stand up for British citizens. The fact that the US wants to imprison this guy for 70 years just for hacking into their military computers shows how stupidly they have reacted. If anything, they should be paying him large amounts of money for pointing out how pathetic their security was. If McKinnon could hack into their computers, so could the actual, rather than imagined, enemies of the US.

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