Azara Blog: Surprise, the Cambridge Lib Dems oppose the A14 upgrade

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Date published: 2008/12/13

The Cambridge News says:

A storm has erupted over calls for the £1 billion revamp of the A14 to be scaled down.

Senior Liberal Democrats in Cambridge claim the huge road project could cause major environmental problems for the city - and that some safety issues needed to be tackled.

City councillor Sian Reid said these matters "could be addressed with a quicker, scaled-down version of the road's £1 billion upgrade".

She feared the impact of increased traffic flowing into the city - and the rise in the level of carbon emissions - had not been properly investigated.

She was backed by David Howarth, Lib Dem MP for Cambridge, who said it was important to "concentrate on public transport improvements in and around the city".

But the remarks, made as consultation on the upgrade of the dual carriageway between Ellington and Fen Ditton came to a close, were quickly condemned by a business leader and an MP.

John Bridge, chief executive of Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce, said it was "the stupidest thing I've heard in years" - and Andrew Lansley, MP for South Cambridgeshire, said their comments "made no sense".

This is hardly surprising (or news). The Lib Dems are the party of the academic middle class, and the academic middle class hate car drivers (excepting themselves, of course).

No, what is surprising is that the Cambridge News has been quiet for so long about the Lib Dem position, and continues to be so in this article. The News has been campaigning for years for this upgrade to happen, and has never condemned the Lib Dems for their sanctimonious and stupid position, and rarely even mentioned it (this is the first example in years). The News has been completely derelict in their professional duty on this score. The people of Cambridgeshire deserve better.

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