Azara Blog: SHAC members convicted of conspiracy to blackmail

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Date published: 2008/12/23

The BBC says:

Four animal rights activists have been convicted of orchestrating a blackmail campaign against firms that supplied an animal testing research centre.

They used paedophile smears, criminal damage and bomb hoaxes to intimidate companies associated with Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) in Cambridgeshire.

The four, members of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) from Hampshire and London, had denied the charges.

A fifth defendant was cleared by the Winchester Crown Court jury.

During a six-year campaign the group falsely claimed managers of the companies were paedophiles.

They also sent hoax bombs parcels and made threatening telephone calls to firms telling them to cut links with HLS.

One of the features of intimidation included sending used sanitary items in the post to the firms and daubing roads outside managers' homes with slogans such as "puppy killer".

How quaint of the BBC to call them "activists", when they should be labelled terrorists, since they tried to terrorise people. So they are even worse than most other middle class "activists", who campaign on such issues as so-called GM crops and airport expansion, and who merely try and intimidate the rest of society into doing what they cannot achieve through argument or through democratic means.

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