Azara Blog: Current food production system allegedly showing "structural failures"

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Date published: 2008/12/30

The BBC says:

A sustainable global food system in the 21st Century needs to be built on a series of "new fundamentals", according to a leading food expert.

Tim Lang warned that the current system, designed in the 1940s, was showing "structural failures", such as "astronomic" environmental costs.

The new approach needed to address key fundamentals like biodiversity, energy, water and urbanisation, he added.

Professor Lang is a member of the UK government's newly formed Food Council.
Professor Lang lists a series of "new fundamentals", which he outlined during a speech he made as the president-elect of charity Garden Organic, which will shape future food production, including:

Professor Lang said that in order to feed a projected nine billion people by 2050, policymakers and scientists face a fundamental challenge: how can food systems work with the planet and biodiversity, rather than raiding and pillaging it?

The typical thoughts of a typical member of the academic middle class. Unfortunately Lang offers no real way forward. So let him propose how to grow at least 50% more food for the 50% more people by 2050, all using less area than is used today (since more area will be required for other things like housing, commerce, forests, etc.).

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