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Date published: 2009/01/17

The BBC says:

Thousands of people are expected to take part in global celebrations marking the 800th anniversary of Cambridge University.

A specially-commissioned light show charting the university's history will start the celebrations later.

Church bell-ringers around the world will also simultaneously play a new piece composed for the occasion.
The light show which will be projected on to the Senate House and Old Schools has been produced by artist Ross Ashton and contains images of iconic moments and illustrations by Downing College alumnus and former Children's Laureate Quentin Blake.
Four churches in central Cambridge - Great St Mary's, St Bene't's, St Edward King and Martyr and St Andrew the Great, will take part in the mass bell-ringing and perform a piece by Clare College alumnus Phil Earis.

They will be joined by bell-ringers in churches across the world.
The celebrations will begin at 1915 GMT in Senate House Yard, Cambridge.

Perhaps a couple of thousand people showed up to see the launch of the light show (on for three nights) and the bell-ringing. It was fairly lucky that the rain and wind did not arrive until around 2100. The light show (about ten minutes long and showed over and over again on a loop) was fairly good although it wasn't clear why all the images were shown, e.g. a buddha and what looked like it might be the CERN LHC. Perhaps the best clip was one of Newton with falling apples (one of the Blake contributions). The bell-ringing was inconsequential for anyone who was not a bell-ringer (peals all sound pretty much the same).

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