Azara Blog: Children in the UK have never had it so bad

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Date published: 2009/02/01

The BBC says:

Children's lives are more difficult now than they were in the past, according to the largest survey into childhood ever to be conducted in the UK.

The finding comes despite the authors saying children have better education, health and more possessions.

It states children need to be loved and sets out recommendations to parents, teachers and the government on how they can better care for children.
The study also suggests children of single-parent families are twice as likely to experience poor conceptual development compared to those with married parents.

The report's recommendations include the introduction of a civil birth ceremony and the possibility for parents to take three-years' leave, with a guaranteed return to work.

This is the usual drivel perpetuated by the academic middle class that runs England. Amazingly enough for these people, the world is always at an end. Needless to say, this report could have been written (and probably was written) at any time in the last N hundred years, and no doubt will be written again and again over the next N hundred years. So "better education, health and more possessions" obviously count for nothing as far as the academic middle class is concerned.

On the point about single-parent families, this is just the usual confusion between correlation and causation.

On the point about taking three years off with a guaranteed return to work, in most professions this is ridiculous. Sure, if you stock shelves for Tesco then you can take years off without any real inability to pick up where you left off. But if you are a doctor, or a plumber or a computer technician, or just about any other skilled profession, then three years is eternity in today's world. Why should a company or organisation be forced to take you back, no questions asked? This idea is just the usual attempt by those people who breed to force the rest of society to subsidise their chosen life style (which of course already happens via free school education, etc.).

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