Azara Blog: Cambridge City Council freaks out over children playing under a tree

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Date published: 2009/02/04

The Cambridge News says:

Children could be banned from playing under a tree after an order was made to protect it.

Parents and staff at the Under Fives Roundabout Pre-School in Cambridge are concerned youngsters will lose half their play area after council officers succeeded in getting a tree preservation order on the cedar.

The order could prevent the toddlers from playing beneath its branches and see a large area of their outdoor space cordoned off.

The pre-school, which is located at Mayfield Primary School, in Warwick Road, objected to the order and wanted to sow the ground under the tree with flowers and use it as a quiet area for the children.

But at a city council planning committee today, members unanimously voted for the tree preservation order to be granted.

This has taught the children of the pre-school a very important lesson in life: the people who run the world are complete and utter morons. So the city council is blithely happy to murder hundreds of trees all over the city for no great reason (e.g. at Parker's Piece, at Byron's Pool, at Hobson's Conduit, and elsewhere). But let kids stomp around a tree that is not even particularly old and the city council planning committee gets hysterical. In fact unanimously hysterical. Evidently only they should have the right to damage trees.

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