Azara Blog: Scottish BMA conference votes against chocolate tax

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Date published: 2009/03/12

The BBC says:

Scottish GPs have voted against a proposal for chocolate to be taxed in the same way as alcohol and cigarettes to tackle increasing levels of obesity.

Dr David Walker, a GP in Lanarkshire, warned that chocolate had lost its status as a "treat" and had become a harmful addition for some people.

However, his motion calling for a tax on chocolate was defeated by two votes at a BMA conference in Clydebank.

He said he was "disappointed" but glad his suggestion had provoked debate.

Speaking after the vote, Dr Walker, who is also a trained food scientist and nutritionist, said: "A little of what you fancy may do you some good, but as nearly one in four people in Scotland are obese a lack of physical activity, an unhealthy diet and larger portion sizes are clearly taking their toll on the health of Scotland.

"Chocolate has lost its status as a special treat and I think that if we charged a tax on it then, over a number of years, we could restore that status."

If the BMA spent more time sorting out the incompetence of doctors and less time trying to control freak over the rest of society, the world would be a better place. It is amazing how many members of the academic middle class think they have the right to decide what other people should and should not do with their lives. And with regards to this specific pathetic motion, why chocolate? Why not all sweets? Why not all meat (also bad from various points of view)? Why not all food and drink that someone objects to for whatever "earnest" reason? Of course now that the academic middle class has achieved its objective of taxing alcohol and (especially) cigarettes at ridiculous rates, the next thing on the agenda was bound to be food.

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