Azara Blog: Government drops phone-based lie detection system in job centres

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Date published: 2009/03/12

The BBC says:

Lie detectors are unlikely to be used in job centres after genuine benefits claimants were wrongly identified as "risky" during a pilot project.

Some councils are testing a phone-based system - Voice Risk Analysis - to help process benefit claims.

The system analyses voice stress levels and can identify liars, it is claimed.

When tried in a job centre in Nottinghamshire, almost two thirds of applicants initially considered high risk were found to be genuine.

Officials said there were no plans to roll out the system to more job centres.

It sounds like someone oversold the benefits of their wonderful (not) lie detector system. But what is most amazing about this story is that the government actually decided to try and determine if the system was any good, and stopped its deployment when it found out it was crap, rather than just going ahead with the scheme no matter what.

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