Azara Blog: Committee of MPs wants more money thrown at school buses

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Date published: 2009/03/22

The BBC says:

Ministers and English local authorities must provide more alternatives to car travel for pupils, MPs have said.

The Commons Transport Committee said it was disappointed plans had not been in place before the introduction of 14-19 diplomas, which can mean more travel.

The committee recommended a move towards more walking, cycling and American-style yellow school buses.

The Department for Transport (DfT) said it would be looking at the committee's recommendations "in detail".

Some 30% of children go to school by car and there are concerns that more could be walking or cycling.

Some councils do offer free school buses but many stick to a rule that restricts their availability to children who live more than three miles from school.

This would be expensive to implement, and that has been made worse the last decade or two because more and more often children do not go to their local school but some other school miles away, which obviously exacerbates the logistics issue. Needless to say, the Commons Transport Committee is very good at asking for money to be thrown at politically correct forms of transport and less good at justifying it. And if only "30% of children go to school by car" then it's hard to see why anyone (other than the usual academic middle class control freaks) would in particular have "concerns that more could be walking or cycling" (or indeed, taking a bus).

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