Azara Blog: Eurostar still plain stupid when it comes to one way trips

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Date published: 2009/04/03

Eurostar is one of the few rail services in the world that seems to make money, presumably because there are plenty of rich bankers going back and forth between London and Paris. But they are still stuck in the stone age in comparison with most airlines. Their website looks slick enough but buying a ticket is an excruciating task, especially if you decide to go back a page or two to look at something again, at which point you often just get a blank white page staring at you, and you have to start all over again. And they still don't get the idea that you should be able to travel one way without paying ridiculous odds for it, something most airlines figured out years ago (thanks to Ryanair). So Eurostar will perfectly happily quote you 178 pounds for a one way trip, and 99 pounds for a round trip including the same one leg of the journey. And they expect people to treat them seriously.

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