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Date published: 2009/04/03

The BBC says:

The unshaven young man at ExCel summed it up with his hand-written placard: "Down with this sort of thing!"

David Jones was one of the estimated 5,000 people to take to the streets of London for two days of G20 protests - a little of it intensely violent - but most of it overwhelmingly peaceful and benign.

"I'm protesting to get the G20 to do the right thing - but I'm trying to inject some humour - everyone is so serious. I'm going to get everyone to sing the 'Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round' later."

Over the last two days, those of us who spent the G20 with the protesters lost count of the single-issue groups on the streets.

There was the global talking shop inside ExCel - and a global speakers' corner on the outside.

Conference day was exceptionally low-key compared with what we had seen. No banks were stormed and the ratio of black-clad anarchists to pin-stripe suited city folk tipped significantly in Savile Row's favour.
So what was achieved? Political aims? Not really. Violence? There was some - but not as much as the dire predictions. The attack on the RBS branch was startling, but limited.

The BBC, and other similar media organisations, have desperately tried to spin this entire G20 conference in terms of the protestors. But nobody cares about the spoiled middle class protestors except journalists. So the BBC points out that the protestors were out numbered by city workers. But the protestors were also out numbered by journalists, who were there, it seems, to cover scenes of violent confrontation that they hoped would occur. Indeed the one incident where a window was smashed was fairly evidently just staged for the sake of journalists, and the one or two chaps involved were surrounded by a phalanx of cameras anxious to capture the allegedly spontaneous moment. All a bit ridiculous. There are plenty of protests in London week in and week out that barely get mentioned in the news, if at all, and yet this specific insignificant protest was covered endlessly. All in all, it was just an elaborate April Fool's joke.

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