Azara Blog: Cambridge's David Urwin award unbelievely not given to Riverside Bridge

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Date published: 2009/04/03

The Cambridge News says:

Cambridge's most attractive "public realm" building schemes have won plaudits in a competition.

The David Urwin Awards, set up in memory of the city council's former planning officer, who died in the 1980s, aim to recognise the top buildings, conservation projects and other architectural schemes in the city.

For the 2009 awards, the focus was on finding the finest examples of work in the public realm - building work aimed at improving the public environment of Cambridge.

The winners were announced at the annual dinner of the Cambridge Forum for the Construction Industry, which backs the awards along with the city council and the News.

The award for best work in the public realm was won jointly by the new gates for the Botanic Garden on the corner of Brookside and Trumpington Road - the first new entrance to the garden in half a century - and by the CB2 cafe outdoor terrace, on the corner of East Road and Norfolk Street.

A special commendation was given to the new railings surrounding Grove Lodge near the Fitzwilliam Museum, and a commendation for public art went to the £1 million gold clock at the Corpus Christi College library.

The Botanic Garden gates are fine enough, as is the CB2 outdoor terrace. But really, these two projects just pale into insignificance (and not just because of cost) compared with the new Riverside Bridge.

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