Azara Blog: Tories want poor local authorities to subsidise rich ones

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Date published: 2009/04/06

The BBC says:

"Well-behaved" council tenants should have the right to move around England without losing their accommodation, the Conservatives say.

The party's housing report says local authorities should be compelled to buy homes in other areas, in which to re-house people who relocate.

Tenants would have to show they had behaved well for five years to qualify.

The Tories say this will allow people to look for work elsewhere without the fear of losing their home.

Another crackpot Tory policy, which takes no account of the housing circumstances in either the originating or destined local authority. And (the worst aspect of the proposal), why should the originating council be forced to pay the bill? The most likely reason someone would move is to take up a new job. So the likely direction of migration will be from high unemployment (i.e. poor) areas to low unemployment (i.e. rich) areas. Thus the overall effect will be that poor areas of the country would end up subsidising rich areas. Needless to say, that's unfortunately the usual Tory philosophy.

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