Azara Blog: David Cameron continues to whinge about the McBride emails

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Date published: 2009/04/14

The BBC says:

David Cameron has demanded a reform of Downing Street's "culture" after a government adviser sent e-mails about slurs against leading Conservatives.

The Tory leader said Labour had "been in power too long" and Gordon Brown had to end "this sort of nonsense".

Adviser Damian McBride resigned after unfounded claims about Mr Cameron and other senior figures were revealed.

Cameron at his nauseating and insincere worst. He's an ex-PR man and this is just all Tory spin. About the only thing you can guarantee about the next Tory administration, given the last Tory administration, is that it will be far worse in terms of spin and "culture" than the current Labour government, and given how bad the current Labour government is, the public perception of politicians only has one way to go.

Funnily enough, nobody in the media can be bothered to ask the most important question about the McBride emails and that is how they came to be in the public domain. It's extremely unlikely that any recipient of the emails would have leaked them, so theft (e.g. by computer hacking) seems the most likely reason. That's a far more serious crime than some spin merchant making up silly stories about Cameron. But why should the media care about theft when they can instead spend all their time talking about tittle-tattle.

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