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Date published: 2009/04/14

The BBC says:

Police have defended their decision to arrest 114 environmental campaigners in connection with a suspected plan to protest at a power station.

The men and women were held in Sneinton Dale, Nottingham, on Monday and later released on bail.

Police said they had been planning to cause "prolonged disruption" at Ratcliffe-On-Soar power station.
The power plant, which is eight miles south-west of Nottingham, has seen protests by environmental campaigners in the past, including members of Eastside Climate Action.

Bob Andrews, from the group, denied any connection with the latest incident.

However, he said direct action was the only way to bring about a change in energy policy.

He said: "We're saying we've got to change policy, and (the government and E.On) are not doing it.

"They're not taking the science seriously. It's got to change. Stop burning fossil fuel."

Hopefully the police (for once) had good intelligence on this issue. As Andrews makes clear, there are many protestors who are willing to admit they are up to no good, so the police were probably correct in their actions. In the usual academic middle class media outlets (including the Channel 4 News and the BBC) various people of the same ilk as the campaigners openly wondered why anyone was arrested without a crime having been committed, as if the police should not be able to stop vandalism before it happens. If climate change protestors had a history of peaceful protest it would be one thing. But they do not. And this particular group of protestors were not open about what they were doing, so were fairly evidently up to no good.

The campaigners have not won the argument democratically (although presumably Cameron will try to throw them a few bones to chew on once he is in power), so they want to hold the rest of society to ransom to achieve their aims. And pretty much every good and service that Andrews uses (including getting free publicity on the BBC website) has some coal energy somewhere in the supply chain, so if he is so opposed to coal (and presumably oil and gas) then he should just get rid of all his possessions and go live in a cave (a very small one, so as to minimally impact the rest of the planet).

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