Azara Blog: Obese people attacked over climate change

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Date published: 2009/04/20

The BBC says:

Getting back to the relatively slim, trim days of the 1970s would help to tackle climate change, researchers say.

The rising numbers of people who are overweight and obese in the UK means the nation uses 19% more food than 40 years ago, a study suggests.

That could equate to an extra 60 mega tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions a year, the team calculated.
In addition to calculating the increased food costs of the heavier population, the team worked out how much additional fuel would be needed for transportation of modern-day UK compared with the 1970s version.

The latest attack on obese people, this time dressed up to also mention the other current academic middle class fetish, climate change. Unfortunately these "researchers" fail to realise that every pound spent on food, or transport, is a pound less spent on some other good or service. It's not exactly a zero sum game when it comes to emissions, but it is a lot closer to a zero sum game than it is to the game analysed here which completely ignores the substitution effect. And why choose the 1970s, let's get all nostalgic and choose the 1950s or the 1890s. The good old days, when Britain was allegedly a paradise, and the peasants did what they were told by the academic middle class. Why is Britain wasting money on this kind of "research"?

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