Azara Blog: Men allegedly overestimate the age of young women

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Date published: 2009/04/21

The BBC says:

The effect of "beer goggles" should not be used as an excuse for men getting a woman's age wrong, a study suggests.

University of Leicester researchers showed 240 people, half of whom had been drinking, digitally-altered images of females meant to be 13, 17 or 20.

The paper for the British Journal of Psychology said most overestimated ages no matter how much they had drunk.

The researchers say it suggests men who have sex with under-age girls should not be able to use drink as a defence.

The researchers evidently think this is a clever bit of research, but in fact they have shown that men do not have to "use drink as a defence" that they thought the women were older than they appeared, they can just use the defence, period. Given the anti-male bias of the research topic and the way the story has been spun, this seems to have not been their intent.

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