Azara Blog: David Cameron claims he will cut the number of quangos

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Date published: 2009/07/06

The BBC says:

David Cameron has pledged to cut the number of unelected quangos to save money and increase accountability.

The Tories would close one schools quango, while media regulator Ofcom would be stripped of its policy-making role, he told the Reform think-tank.

Mr Cameron will ask shadow cabinet ministers to identify which bodies within their areas should be cut back.
In his speech to Reform, the Conservative leader said the "growth of the quango state" was "one of the main reasons so many people feel that nothing ever changes, nothing will ever get done and that government's automatic response to any problem is to pass the buck and send people from pillar to post until they just give up in exasperated fury".

Another vacuous statement from Cameron, and indeed you can pretty much guarantee when he takes over that he will increase the number of quangos (if not at first, then eventually). And the problem isn't quangos per se. The civil service is just as incompetent and non-responsive and immune from taking responsibility as are quangos. The problem is that the government lets them all get away with it.

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