Azara Blog: Keep Britain Tidy freaks out over car litter

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Date published: 2009/07/09

The BBC says:

Drivers who drop litter from their cars should be penalised with a point on their licence, say campaigners.

Keep Britain Tidy says its research has shown it is a better deterrent than fines, which are already handed out.

It argues that as it is difficult to identify who has actually thrown the litter, all the blame should fall on the car owner.

The group says culprits should still face fines and even those who discard apple cores ought to be punished.

Keep Britain Tidy is one of the countless organisations in Britain that serves no purpose. This particular idea is really dumb. Why should owners be blamed just because "it is difficult to identify who has actually thrown the litter"? This is like saying that if there is a murder in a house then the owner should be blamed because "it is difficult to identify who has actually committed the murder".

And in many contexts, discarding apple cores ought to be perfectly acceptable. But evidently the academic middle class control freaks who run Keep Britain Tidy have nothing better to do with their lives than worry about inconsequential matters like this.

If David Cameron is looking for quangos to shut down than he could do worse than to start with Keep Britain Tidy.

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