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Date published: 2009/07/17

The BBC says:

The deaths of British conductor Sir Edward Downes and his wife, Joan, have reopened the assisted suicide debate.

Sir Edward, 85, who was losing his sight and hearing, died on Friday alongside his terminally ill wife, 74, at Swiss right-to-die centre, Dignitas.

In a statement, their family said the couple "died peacefully, and under circumstances of their own choosing".

The Metropolitan Police said it was investigating, as campaigners called for more safeguards to be put in place.

The "campaigners" are the usual collection of academic middle class control freaks who think that they have a better idea of when someone should die than the person who is dying, and even more bizarrely think should have a say in whether someone chooses to die. They in effect want to force people to die in a potentially agonising and prolonged fashion. Some day the UK will grow up and allow people to die when they want to.

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