Azara Blog: Cambridge County Council does not believe in integrated transport

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Date published: 2009/07/17

The Cambridge News says:

Transport chiefs have outlined plans for a new £3 million bus, pedestrian and cycle route to Cambridge railway station.

The 'Cambridge Gateway' will run from the junction of Hills Road and Brooklands Avenue into the station area.

It will also link with the guided bus at the station.
Cllr Roy Pegram, Cambridgeshire county councillor for growth and infrastructure, said: "This new junction will provide an important gateway to the city and provide much-needed bus, cycle and pedestrian improvements into the station area.

"It is part of our vision of making sure transport is linked and provides safer and greater choice for our existing and new communities.

There is nothing new on the Cambridgeshire county website so it's not clear if this is just a recycled news story. But the key sentiment is expressed by Pegram. So he claims that he has a "vision of making sure transport is linked" but fails to mention one of the most important transport sectors, i.e. cars (including taxis). It is typical of Cambridge (and indeed UK) transport planning that the hatred of the car is the main driving force for policy, and so we will never have an integrated transport system.

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