Azara Blog: Divorce allegedly causes ill health

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Date published: 2009/07/28

The BBC says:

Divorce has a lingering, detrimental impact on health that even remarriage cannot fully repair, a study suggests.

A Chicago study involving 8,652 people aged 51 to 61 found divorced people have 20% more chronic illnesses such as cancer than those who never marry.

The figure only drops to 12% for those who remarry, researchers write in the Journal of Health and Social Behaviour.

They say we start adulthood with a "health stock" that is kept or eroded depending on our marital experience.

A classic confusion of correlation and causation. So is divorce causing ill health, as the BBC would have it, or are people who are less healthy more likely to divorce, or is there some other cause which leads to both results? Of course the prejudice of the academic middle class (chief cheerleader the BBC) is that divorce is evil and so must be causing all sorts of problems in the world, which is why this kind of sloppy reasoning slips through without comment. The same kind of nonsense is often used to promote that idea that marriage is allegedly better than non-marriage.

It's amazing how much money is wasted on this kind of pointless "research".

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