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Date published: 2009/09/03

The Cambridge News says:

Drivers and bus passengers on a road hit by 18 months of roadworks are fearing more delays after highways bosses decided to cut their lanes.

Cambridgeshire County Council says Sunday will mark the end of surface work on Cambridge's Hills Road bridge, where the road was cut to a single lane in each direction while an underpass for the guided busway was built.

Work on the bridge began in May 2008 and should have lasted 10 months.

But now, overnight on Sunday, the council will introduce a four-month trial of new cycle lanes.

That will mean cars and buses have one lane instead of two on the uphill stretches either side of the bridge, with raised cycle lanes installed to their left. At the brow of the bridge, motor traffic will feed out into two lanes and cyclists will merge with traffic.

It's quite possible that this change will have little impact on traffic flow, since allegedly the problems occur on the downhill side with the traffic lights. But it is remarkable how the county council transport bureaucrats just arbitrarily decided to do this without really bothering to tell anyone or consult with anyone. They really do need sacking. They have stuck two fingers up to the citizens of Cambridge for far too long. And the reason there is a bridge at all is because of the railway. So perhaps the rail passengers should pay for the bridge to be widened, which would obviously be a much more sensible solution than this one-lane-into-two approach.

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