Azara Blog: City bureaucrats want to throw money at Hills Road

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Date published: 2009/10/01

The Cambridge News says:

A £25 million scheme to improve pedestrian and cycle links between Cambridge railway station and the city centre has been unveiled.

Project Cambridge could see a major revamp on the one-mile stretch along Station Road, Hills Road and Regent Street, including a redesign of all major road junctions.

The scheme will aim to create a pleasant walking experience from the station, featuring trees planted on new pedestrian islands in Regent Street and Hills Road, wider pavements and improved crossings.

It's hard to believe they want to spend so much money on such a small stretch of road (and it's also hard to believe they will make it any better having spent so much money). Needless to say the city always complains it is short of money, but when some grandiose scheme to keep the bureaucrats occupied is involved, they are happy to throw money at it like there is no tomorrow.

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