Azara Blog: Older women allegedly sleep slightly more than older men

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Date published: 2009/10/01

The BBC says:

Research suggests older women believe they sleep worse than men - but the reverse is actually true.

A team found older women consistently estimate their sleep to be of shorter and poorer quality than their male peers - but in fact they sleep better.

The Dutch researchers suggest women may require more sleep than men - meaning the same amount of sleep may be satisfactory for men, but not women.
The study involved 956 participants aged 59-79, of which slightly more than half were women.

Women reported an average of 13.2 minutes less total sleep time, and estimated that it took them 10.1 minutes longer to get to sleep in the first place. They also rated their quality of sleep 4.2% lower than men.

Why is this research being funded? Does it matter at all whether anyone does or does not think they sleep more (or less) than they do and does it matter at all whether women sleep more or less than men? The differences (minutes) are also trivial.

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