Azara Blog: The Eurocracy half agrees to throw billions of Euros out the window

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Date published: 2009/11/15

The BBC says:

The EU has agreed a conditional deal on how to help other nations fight global warming, ahead of a key climate summit, but set no figure on what it would pay.

The EU agreed climate change would need 100bn euros ($148bn; £90bn) a year by 2020, and would pay its "fair share", conditional on other nations.

UK PM Gordon Brown said the deal, which came after a deadlock on cost sharing was broken, was a "bold proposal".

However, Green groups criticised the deal, saying it was not nearly enough.

The accord had been threatened by a coalition of nine poorer EU nations, which argued that richer countries should pay more.

To meet the concerns, the initial funding will be voluntary and no cost targets for individual EU nations were announced.

Details of how the burden will be shared will be sorted out later by a working group.

Surprise, the EU has fudged the issue. Surprise, the "Green" groups want to make Europeans poorer by having loads of money thrown at other countries. The main problem with this approach is how it could ever be accomplished in a sensible or efficient way. So it seems almost inevitable that the main beneficiaries of this approach will be the bankers and lawyers and bureaucrats who broker all the deals, and the corrupt leaders of the developing world who will gladly line their Swiss bank accounts with all this free money being thrown their way. Of course by making their own citizens poorer, the EU oligarchy is accepting that their own citizens will consume less, and hence emit fewer greenhouse gases. It will be interesting to see if any populist party takes up cause against this massive transfer of wealth from Europe to the rest of the world.

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