Azara Blog: Power companies handing out useless low energy light bulbs

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Date published: 2010/01/03

The BBC says:

An energy company has been criticised for sending out millions of low energy light bulbs to meet its target under a household energy cutting scheme.

The Green Party accused Npower of taking "inexcusable" shortcuts instead of investing in more effective measures such as loft insulation.

Unsolicited mail-outs of light bulbs as an option under the scheme were stopped by the government as of this month.
The government ordered energy companies to help pay for measures to cut household energy consumption - such as cavity wall or loft insulation, or by issuing low energy light bulbs - two years ago.
That met the company's requirements under the scheme, but will only cut a fraction of the energy that other measures such as cavity wall or loft insulation will achieve, critics claim.

Surprise, the government comes up with an arbitrary and idiotic set of rules for companies to follow, and the companies do so as to minimise their costs, i.e. to maximise their profits. Who would have thought it, eh.

And if the so-called Green Party doesn't like it, perhaps they should stop being useless and start doing something positive for once. They perpetually complain about how evil corporations are and about how wonderfully decentralised everything should be, so perhaps they should actually try and pretend they believe this by themselves organising insulation to be added to houses rather than relying on corporations to do it.

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