Azara Blog: Government decides to sting motorists for bigger fines

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Date published: 2010/01/03

The BBC says:

Motorists in England and Wales fined for minor offences face having to pay bigger penalties under a government scheme to compensate victims of crime.

Since 2007, a £15 surcharge has been added to the fines of all people convicted of a crime, to raise money for support services for crime victims.

Now ministers want to extend the scheme to on-the-spot fines and fixed penalty notices for a range of offences.

They say the offences that could be targeted are not victimless crimes.

Under the current scheme, anyone fined by the courts pays an extra £15.

However, ministers believe the amount raised could be significantly increased if it were extended to include people issued with on-the-spot fines or fixed penalty notices.

This could include motorists caught speeding or flouting parking restrictions and those guilty of disorder offences such as shoplifting, writing graffiti or being drunk and disorderly.

Under the plans, a fine of £60 for speeding, using a mobile phone while driving or not wearing a seatbelt would be increased to £75.

This is the government taking the piss. The fine for speeding has arbitrarily been increased from 60 pounds to 75 pounds. Unfortunately the government has decided to behave less and less honourably the closer it gets to being thrown out of office.

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