Azara Blog: Another pointless government report, this one about future jobs

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Date published: 2010/01/18

The BBC says:

Becoming the pilot of a spaceship may seem the stuff of science fiction, but it could be a regular job in just 20 years time, a report has concluded.

That is one of the findings of a government study into jobs of the future, which also suggests people will be employed to make human body parts.

It names 20 jobs that could be common by 2030, including "vertical farmers" growing food in multi-storey buildings.
The report was carried out by market research group Fast Future, which tried to determine a list of both jobs that do not currently exist and current jobs that could become more prominent.
The report was commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Why is the government paying for this kind of pointless report? This kind of blatant waste is what annoys people about government, and yet the politicians and bureaucrats who run government cannot seem to resist wasting money like this. The next Tory government has said it is going to slash and burn the government, but you can bet waste like this will continue, and instead important government spending will be cut.

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