Azara Blog: There's not enough bike parking at the Cambridge train station

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Date published: 2010/01/20

The Cambridge News says:

Councillors have hit out after a plea for more cycle racks at Cambridge railway station was snubbed by rail bosses.

Cambridge Liberal Democrats said the city council had offered to pay for extra racks if the rail operator, National Express East Anglia, would offer some land at the station as a new bike parking area.

But the Lib Dems said the rail firm had "stopped the bid in its tracks" and said no, because it would mean "losing income from valuable car parking spaces".
Cllr Nichola Harrison, who represents the city's Petersfield ward on the county council, said cyclists were finding it difficult to park their bikes securely at the station because the racks were taken up with dumped and disused bikes.

The train station is one big bike parking disaster area, and the main problem is indeed that that many of the spaces are taken up by dumped bikes. And that is really what should be sorted. But can anyone fault the rail operator for not adding more space for bikes because it would mean "losing income from valuable car parking spaces"? (Except the academic middle class, such as the Lib Dems, who hate all corporations, and who hate all car drivers excepting themselves.) Car drivers are expected to (more than) pay for the services they are provided, but funnily enough cyclists never expect to pay for anything. If cyclists were willing to pay for parking then the situation at the train station would change.

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