Azara Blog: David Cameron spouts more nonsense about "broken Britain"

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Date published: 2010/01/23

The BBC says:

David Cameron has said the case of two young boys tortured in Doncaster was not an "isolated incident of evil" but symptomatic of wider social problems.

The Tory leader said the "truly awful" incident meant people must ask "deep questions" about social breakdown.

In a speech in Kent, he said this was a seminal incident, likening it to the cases of Baby Peter and Jamie Bulger.

Labour accused Mr Cameron of "tarring" the people of Britain by "seizing on one absolutely horrific crime".
The Tory leader said he would not flinch from raising the case as he believed it was symptomatic of levels of social breakdown in Britain.

"I think when things like this happen it is right to stand back, reflect and ask ourselves some deep questions about what is going wrong in our society," he told an audience at a community centre in Gillingham.

Mr Cameron denied that his frequent references to a "broken Britain" was an over-statement and "terrible crimes" such as those which had happened in Doncaster could not be ignored.

"I don't think it is right every time one of these events takes place to say that it is just some isolated incident of evil that we should look away from and forget about."

"Are we going to do that every time there is a Jamie Bulger or a Baby Peter or a Ben Kinsella or a Gary Newlove or what has happened in Doncaster? We shouldn't. We should ask about what has gone wrong with our society and what we are going to do about it."

And he hit back at critics who have accused him of exploiting the Doncaster case for political ends, saying: "I think it is right to raise it in a responsible way and it is right to have this debate about how we can strengthen our society."

Cameron is despicable. Even worse, he is playing the Tony Blair soundtrack, and it is over ten years out-of-date.

There are over half a million children born in the UK every year. It would not be very surprising if some of them have pathological behaviour, especially when their parents have pathological behaviour. The Bulger case is already from almost 20 years ago, when the Tories were (unfortunately) in power. Cameron could no doubt find cases in the same proportion going back through the entire record of human history. It is ridiculous to claim that here and now something different is happening (and of course all allegedly the fault of the Labour government). It is unfortunate that the next leader of the country insists on spewing nonsense over and over again.

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