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Date published: 2010/01/30

The Cambridge News says:

A 20mph speed limit in central Cambridge has been given the go-ahead.

Motorists in Cambridge's "core area" will be forced to go slow from March after the 12-month trial scheme was approved by city and county councillors.

Members of Cambridge's traffic management area joint committee voted unanimously to support the £50,000 accident reduction scheme at a meeting at Shire Hall.

The scheme will include all roads inside the Cambridge inner ring road of Queen's Road, Fen Causeway, Lensfield Road, Gonville Place, East Road, Victoria Avenue and Chesterton Road.
The trial scheme follows a two-month consultation by Cambridgeshire County Council, in which it received no objections to the plans and seven letters of support.
James Woodburn, spokesman for Cambridge Cycling Campaign, welcomed the new limit.

He said: "Streets are not just for cars - they are for everyone.

You never know, this might help. But there is no indication that this will help. During the day it's hard to believe anyone can even get up to 20 mph never mind 30 mph. During the night nobody is on the road. Hopefully the county bureaucrats have done some analysis to indicate that this measure will help, but their track record is not good on this score. Cost - benefit analysis is not part of their lexicon.

The fact that only seven people answered the consultation is as good a sign as any that the consultation was not publicised, because they didn't really care what people thought. (And all consultations they do are pretty fatuous, so it's not as if this one was really any different.)

There are two main motivations for this policy. The first is that the Cambridge ruling elite hate car drivers (excepting themselves of course). The second is that the Cambridge transport bureaucrats have to constantly come up with new schemes in order to justify their existence.

And since Woodburn wants to be patronising, he should remember that "streets are not just for bicycles - they are for everyone".

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