Azara Blog: European Commission approves a GM potato

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Date published: 2010/03/03

The BBC says:

The European Commission has cleared the way for a genetically modified potato to be grown in the EU - only the second GM product it has allowed.

The starch of the Amflora potato can be utilised for industrial uses like making paper, and for animal feed - but not for human consumption.

Environmental groups have strongly opposed the introduction of GM crops.

But the Commission insisted its decision was based on "a considerable volume of sound science".

The Amflora variety was developed by German chemical and biotechnology firm BASF, for the special qualities of its starch.

BASF says: "Amflora starch can be used in many different ways. It makes yarn stronger and paper glossier; it also makes spray concrete adhere better to the wall and keeps glue liquid for longer."

One very small step forward for the world. It is unbelievable how backwards Europe has been over GM crops, all because so-called environmental groups have a religious objection to the technology. It is about time that Europe stands up to this blatant fear-mongering.

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