Azara Blog: Central government tells local government to get stuffed over transport fund

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Date published: 2010/03/03

The Cambridge News says:

Plans for congestion charging in Cambridge could be scrapped after Government demands for the scheme were dropped.

But as well as ditching calls for a congestion charge, the Government announced Cambridgeshire had missed out on millions of pounds of funding for transport projects.

Transport bosses in the county were hoping for £500 million from the Transport Innovation Fund (TIF) to pay for a range of measures to tackle congestion, including a new rail station at Chesterton.

Now the Government has said TIF will be replaced with a new scheme - the Urban Challenge Fund.

But there is no indication how much funding will be available.

Bosses at Cambridgeshire County Council were told yesterday their bid for the cash had been unsuccessful.

Given that the UK government is completely and utterly bankrupt, this is the only sane decision that could have been made. It would have been totally and utterly ridiculous for one small part of the country to get so much money for transport. And most of the money would not even have gone to Cambridge city but instead would have been wasted on far flung parts of the county. The premise behind the TIF was that local authorities should be bribed in order to bring forward so-called congestion charging, and given how cynical and corrupt that premise was, the decision was also just.

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