Azara Blog: Funds for the Sure Start scheme should allegedly not be cut

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Date published: 2010/03/29

The BBC says:

Cutting funds for a network of children's centres across England would be disastrous, MPs have said.

The Commons' Children, Schools and Families Committee says the Sure Start scheme is doing pioneering work which should be allowed to bear fruit.

But it criticised a lack of data on its effectiveness and value for money.

Let's see. The country is completely bankrupt but no programme should ever be cut, because some group of MPs with a vested interest, or some other special interest pressure group, thinks that (surprise) their own empire is not where cuts should be made. And yet here there is "a lack of data on its effectiveness and value for money", and that is a classic indication that indeed the programme is probably hugely wasteful. But never let reality get in the way of a good story.

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