Azara Blog: Conservationists want to play God

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Date published: 2010/04/05

The BBC says:

A number of non-native mammal species are damaging the UK countryside by eating crops and threatening wildlife, a conservation charity has warned.

A report by the People's Trust for Endangered Species identified 14 problem species including rats, American mink and muntjac deer.

The trust said some of the creatures have been in the UK for so long, they are thought of as indigenous.

It said it was important to stop the extinction of native species.

So-called conservationists unfortunately have taken it upon themselves to play God and decide which species they will try and exterminate and which they will not. They are the equivalent in the non-human world of rabid nationalists (racists) in the human world. All species are not "native" if you go far enough back in time, it just so happens that these people are using recent human history as a guide, because they have a narrow and simplistic partisan view.

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