Azara Blog: The Conservatives hate people who are not married

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Date published: 2010/04/11

The BBC says:

The Conservatives are proposing to give four million married couples and civil partners an annual £150 tax break.

It would apply to basic rate taxpayers earning under £44,000 where one partner does not use their full personal tax-free income allowance.

The £550m a year cost would be funded by a levy on banks. Labour said other families would lose out.

The last Tory government waged a war on single mothers. The next Tory government has obviously decided to spread the hate wider, to all people who are not married. It is unfortunate that the Tories have this ridiculous belief that married people are somehow more moral or better citizens. They are not.

The amount of money they are going to waste on this tax break happens to be around the same amount of money that is being reduced from university expenditure. The Tory priorities are not what they should be. And sticking two fingers up to people who are not married is hardly a way to engender good feeling in the nation towards the coming government.

Further, it is odd that someone who earns 43999 pounds deserve this tax break but not someone who earns 44001. Another example of the stupidity of the policy.

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