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Date published: 2010/05/12

The BBC says:

New Prime Minister David Cameron has said his "historic" Conservative-led coalition government will be united and provide "strong and stable" leadership.

In a good-humoured press conference with Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg, who is now deputy PM, he said they would "take Britain in a historic new direction".

Their agenda was to cut the deficit, support troops, clean up politics and build a "stronger society".

Mr Clegg acknowledged "big risks" but pledged a "bold, reforming government".

He is among five Liberal Democrats appointed to Cabinet posts, something Mr Cameron said showed "the strength and depth of the coalition and our sincere determination to work together constructively".

When Nick Clegg was running around the country proclaiming that he wanted a balanced parliament this is presumably what he meant. So not only is Eton well represented in the cabinet, but so is Westminster. How balanced can you get.

It will be interesting to see how long this coalition lasts, given the inherent contradictions in many of the ideas of the two parties (although the Lib Dems seem to believe all things at different times, dependent on who they are talking to and the phase of the moon).

The first decision of the New Labour government in 1997 was visionary. It handed over power to determine interest rates to a Bank of England committee, without direct government interference.

The first decision of the LibCon government is anti-visionary. It is to refuse to allow extra runway capacity in the southern half of England (and probably everywhere else). It condemns Britain to moving backwards, rather than forwards.

The long national nightmare has begun.

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