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Date published: 2010/05/12

The BBC says:

The Earth's ongoing nature losses may soon begin to hit national economies, a major UN report has warned.

The third Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO-3) says that some ecosystems may soon reach "tipping points" where they rapidly become less useful to humanity.

Such tipping points could include rapid dieback of forest, algal takeover of watercourses and mass coral reef death.

Last month, scientists confirmed that governments would not meet their target of curbing biodiversity loss by 2010.

This is not really news, and hardly surprising. With the human population increasing more and more, there is less room on the planet for other species. Unfortunately no government and no so-called environmental organisation wants to point out this obvious fact, instead pretending that the circle can be squared. Well of course the 5 billion humans who are currently not in abject poverty could be forced into abject poverty like the unfortunate 1 billion humans who currently are, and that would give more breathing space to other species. This seems to be the rather unfortunate goal of most so-called environmental organisations, but needless to say it is not what normal people would see as the way forward. Governments should not reward people for breeding (as happens now in the rich world). And countries should not be rewarded for breeding by accumulating more of the world's resources by having done so (e.g. it is a common belief among so-called environmentalists that considering per-capita emissions is the only "fair" measure, but that rewards countries that misbehave by having too many people).

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