Azara Blog: David Cameron, arrogant and obnoxious after two weeks in power

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Date published: 2010/05/27

The BBC says:

Downing Street refused to allow a government minister to appear on the Question Time programme unless Tony Blair's former adviser Alastair Campbell was removed, the BBC says.

No 10 complained about the presence of Mr Campbell on the weekly discussion show, the corporation said.

Downing Street said he was not elected or a frontbench spokesman and asked him to be replaced by a shadow minister.

The BBC said it refused the demand as a point of "fundamental principle".

The last Tory government was arrogant and obnoxious beyond belief, for most of its rule. The previous Labour government became arrogant and obnoxious after Gordon Brown took over. The current Tory government has only been in power a couple of weeks and it has already become arrogant and obnoxious.

David Cameron spent much of the campaign claiming that Labour had allowed Government to trample the rights of Parliament. So it was appalling that one of his first acts as prime minister was to trample the rights of Parliament by trying to hijack the backbench 1922 committee to make it compliant with the wishes of his government rather than the wishes of his backbenchers.

And now Cameron has thrown a tizzy because he could not specify who the BBC invited to appear on Question Time. This is presumably the first of the Tory attempts to browbeat the BBC. Rupert Murdoch will be paid off handsomely for his support for the Tories.

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