Azara Blog: Anti-whaling groups are allegedly concerned about mercury in whale meat

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Date published: 2010/08/28

The BBC says:

Environmental and animal-welfare groups are urging the International Whaling Commission (IWC) to persuade the World Health Organization (WHO) to act over fears about eating whale meat.

The coalition of organisations wants the WHO to issue guidelines amid fears about the safety of the meat.

The groups say whale meat is highly contaminated with mercury and should not be eaten.

But whaling nations say they already have health guidelines in place.
They are hoping to get others to back the efforts to limit the consumption of small whales and thus limit the hunts.

This is just pathetic. These NGOs don't like whaling. This alleged concern of theirs for the alleged health issues from eating whale meat is just completely a red herring. And unfortunately it almost sounds as if they are happy that there is a lot of mercury in whales (and other ocean species), because they apparently believe (possibly with a straight face) that it works in their favour. This is a dreadful and cynical attitude. They should stick with their usual argument, i.e. that they don't like whaling, and stop with this facetious argument which everyone can see is facetious.

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