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Date published: 2010/10/03

The BBC says:

Environmental campaigners 10:10 have withdrawn a film showing a teacher graphically exploding two of her students who refuse to reduce their carbon emissions, after complaints.

In a statement, the group apologised to anyone offended.

The film aimed to "bring this critical issue back into the headlines whilst making people laugh", the group said.

Starring Gillian Anderson it was scripted by Richard Curtis, whose films include Four Weddings and a Funeral.

It was directed by a leading commercials director.
Lizzie Gillett, Global Campaign Director for 10:10, told the BBC: "As you can see from various comments and social media sites some people thought it was funny and a good tool to get people talking about climate change but others strongly disliked the mini-movie. We decided to take it off our website to avoid upsetting people."

Well 10:10 succeeded in getting lots of free publicity, which was no doubt their main goal. But 10:10 completely miss the point about carbon emissions. It is Gillian Anderson and Richard Curtis and the rest of the rich people of the world, including the 10:10 gang, who are the biggest part of the problem, not the ordinary people whom this film is allegedly aimed at. If they are serious about the environment they can do two things: make themselves poor and have no children. Unfortunately it is the ordinary people they are trying to make poorer, and they have nothing to say about population, probably because they are busy breeding just like nearly everyone else.

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