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Date published: 2010/12/01

The BBC says:

Christians who believe their faith is "under attack" in Britain have launched a "Not Ashamed Day" campaign.

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey claimed Christians of "deep faith" faced discrimination.

Campaigners say a mounting number of cases of workers being disciplined over their beliefs show Christianity is being "airbrushed" from UK society.

But the National Secular Society said "zealots" were wrong to claim the faith was being deliberately undermined.
In the leaflet, Lord Carey said the attempt to "airbrush" the Christian faith "out of the picture" was especially obvious as Christmas approaches.

He said: "The cards that used to carry Christmas wishes now bear 'Season's greetings'. The local school nativity play is watered down or disappears altogether.
Christian Concern has also highlighted the fact that Catholic adoption agencies no longer have the right to refuse gay couples as prospective adoptive parents.
Andrew Copson, chief executive of the British Humanist Association, said: "Time and again the various claims of discrimination against Christians that have been tested in the courts have been assessed by impartial judges and found baseless.

"Discrimination against non-Christians is in fact far more widespread than discrimination against Christians, and Christianity is still overly privileged in the UK.

"In almost one third of our state schools, preference is given to Christian parents in admissions over non-Christians, and to Christian staff over non-Christian staff."

The Christian think tank Ekklesia said that there was "no evidence" to back up the Not Ashamed campaign.

Co-Director Jonathan Batley said: "Since 2005, when we first predicted the growth in claims of 'persecution', we have been closely examining individual cases and what lies behind them [and] have found no evidence to back up the claim of the Not Ashamed campaign that Christians as a group are being systematically marginalised in Britain.

"We have found consistent evidence, however, of Christians misleading people and exaggerating what is really going on, as well as treating other Christians, those of other faith and those of no faith in discriminatory ways."

The poor little Christians, eh. They only run society. Carey happens to be in the House of Lords for no other reason than that he was an archbishop and yet he whines.

In America there is the annual cry-baby ranting by extreme right-wing nutters about the "war" on Christmas and it is unfortunate that an ex-archbishop falls into the same kind of silliness. People use "Season's Greetings" on cards because most people send cards at Christmas to friends who do not celebrate Christmas because it is a convenient end-of-year wrap-up. And it is not a coincidence that there were pagan celebrations that time of year long before the Christians hijacked 25 December as allegedly the day when Jesus was born.

And there is the bogus talking point by Christian Concern about gay couples adopting children. The point is that society has fortunately decided that anti-gay bigotry should not be tolerated. If some so-called Christian people want to be bigots, then that is up to them, but they should not expect society to support them in their bigotry. And these people should not expect that their bigotry is excused because their faith allegedly tells them to be bigoted.

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