Azara Blog: Surprise, rich kids are more likely to have a computer at home than poor kids

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Date published: 2010/12/28

The BBC says:

More than a million school children in the UK still lack access to a computer at home, research suggests.

And almost 2m are unable to go online at home, according to leading digital education charity, the E-Learning Foundation.

It also claims those from the poorest families are two-and-a-half-times less likely to have the internet at home than children from the richest homes.
It is warning that many of the UK's poorest children face being severely educationally disadvantaged by their lack of access to technology as a result.

In November more than half of teachers who took part in a survey for the Times Education Supplement said pupils without access to internet or a computer at home were hampered in their learning.

Another completely trite piece of "research" by a special interest pressure group with a vested interest in the results. It is trivially obvious that rich kids will have better access than poor kids to just about everything in life, so not just computers but also books, travel opportunities, jobs, etc. No doubt the "solution" to this "problem" as far as the E-Learning Foundation (and the BBC) is concerned is to throw more money at poor kids, and if so they should just say so and stop pretending that they are neutral in this matter. It is unfortunate that the BBC perpetually publishes such articles without any analysis but just as a way of putting pressure on the government to tax and spend more.

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